Image Capture Project

Thank you very much for visiting this page and showing an interest in supporting this project for the Heritage Centre, it is much appreciated.

Before submitting an image to the Heritage Centre for this project you might want to find out more about the Project or look at some examples of images we have put together for you.

We already have an extensive collection of images in our Collier Collection dating from the 1920s. You might like to look at this collection online to see if there is a comparable older image you would like to submit a modern equivalent for.

The form below will capture your images and information. We accept the following image types: jpe, jpeg, jpg, png, gif, bmp, tiff and tif. Thank you.

Covid-19 Image Capture Form

Fields marked Required are mandatory.
You can also tab through the form fields with your keyboard.

The first part of the form collects information about you and the image(s) you will provide.

Good to go so far, thanks. We now ask you to explicitly agree with our Terms and Conditions for the use of your image(s).

(If you are under 16, please ask permission of a parent/guardian/teacher to upload any images and information.)

You must also tell us that you have sought the permission of anyone appearing in the image(s), that the image(s) can be used by the Hertiage Centre.

Thanks, now finally let's get some image(s) from you.

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